How to Build a Hydroponic System from Water Bottles

Planting by means of hydroponics has been popular now to make there are many types of planting media used from coconut shells to the most common is to use used bottles which certainly makes you curious about how to cultivate hydroponic plants with bottles. Planting plants, especially vegetables with this technique, is very easy.

Apart from its ease, this hydroponic grower technique also provides other benefits such as cleaner and hygienic plants that you harvest later. You do not have to bother cleaning the remnants of the soil that is usually attached to the roots because this is absolutely not necessary. Planting with the hydroponic method means that you plant without using soil as the main planting medium but using other ingredients. If you are more curious, you can listen further.

How to Cultivate Hydroponic Plants with Bottles

Prepare the necessary ingredients
When you want to make something, whatever it is, including by planting it with hydroponics, the thing you need to do is definitely by preparing the necessary items. Some of the ingredients you need are planting media such as husk charcoal. Besides that, you also need plant seeds or plant seeds. Usually the plants chosen are green plants. However the method of cultivating hydroponic plants with bottles can still also use the type of plant seeds that are red like tomatoes or chili.

The way of cultivating hydroponic plants with bottles does not require complicated steps as well as the materials used. You only need to prepare a bottle of water. Often the bottle used is a bottle of used mineral water. Besides this, you still need to prepare fertilizer or nutrients. The fertilizer used is usually still in the form of powder. You can dissolve it with water, making it a nutrient solution, which you can spray regularly onto your plants. The next step to plant hydroponics after you prepare these ingredients is by seeding.

Steps for Hydroponic Plant Cultivation
The way to cultivate hydroponic plants with bottles with seeding begins with preparing your planting media from husk charcoal. You can wet it first with water so that the growing media becomes a little more moist. When you are at this stage, that means you have finished making a planting pot made from a used bottle earlier. Then you can put the plant seeds that you have chosen into the container. You need to wait until the buds emerge from the plants you planted earlier. When the appearance of buds varies depending on the type of plant you use. After that you need to prepare nutrients from this dissolved fertilizer.

This nutrition is very important because it is able to help your plants grow perfectly. The next step is the cultivation of hydroponic plants by moving the seedlings with the buds into the hydroponic media that you have made made of bottles. The way to cultivate hydroponic plants with bottles is to divide the bottle into 2 parts then on the bottom you give a hole with a certain amount and the size of the diameter of the hole that has been determined. Usually about 1 cm in diameter. Next you need to insert the plastic cup into the split bottle. This plastic cup was also punched. After that you can install the axis placed in the area under the plastic cup. This serves as a means of delivering nutrient solutions to your plants.

The next way to cultivate hydroponic plants with bottles is to put your plants in these pots which have been previously filled with planting media such as the husk charcoal. After you move the plant seeds into a pot, all you need to do is to treat your hydroponic plants as well as possible. You need to take care of it regularly and carefully. You must be diligent so that your plants can be harvested with good and satisfying results. There are some plants that you can harvest in a relatively short time, but there are also a number of other plants that require a longer period of time.
Benefits of Cultivating Hydroponic Plants
The way to cultivate hydroponic plants with this bottle is very easy. You don’t need things that are hard to find. This is because all the objects and materials that you need can be found in suitable stores easily. In addition, planting with this technique also does not require large space. You just need to use enough land in your area. In fact, you can still cultivate these hydroponic plants with even limited land. You don’t need to worry about the amount of space needed because this hydrponik method is very flexible. You only need to find a place

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